TVET Registration

KCPE index number and year of KCPE in the format (KCPE Index number/KCPE Exam Year) i.e XXXXXXXXX/2010
KCSE index number and year of KCSE in the format (KCSE Index number/KCSE Exam Year) i.e XXXXXXXXXXX/2015.
Students’ name in full. (Surname first )
National ID No. / indicate 'Non-citizen' if the student is not a kenyan citizen
Full name of the programme enrolled. Eg Craft in Electrical Engineering
Admission number of the student in IESR
The Examining Body of the enrolled programme Eg; KNEC, KASNEB etc
The duration of the programme. Eg; 2years, 3years
Year of admission
Provide the Current Year of Study
Student Sponsorship. Eg; Self, NYS, County Government etc